3 Biggest Controversies That Rocked Casino History

The casino industry is not new to having the most shocking scandals ever recorded. Gambling has always been circulated by different surprising issues that involve casinos, punters and bettors, casino game developers, and many more.  Whether it is an in-land version or an online platform, all casinos may have already had their fair share of scandals. Some are significant issues that involve millions of casino money, while some can be just a few stolen chips. Nevertheless, the possibility of taking advantage of this platform is why casino players may be the bravest risk-takers.

Over the years, the casino industry has seen notable scandals. Here is our list of the most surprising controversies in casino history.

#1. Multi-Million Jackpot Win Error

biggest controversies casino

In 2016, a woman visited Resorts World Casino in Jamaica to have some spins. Unsuspectingly, the night will give her a roller coaster of emotions. After a few tries, she “won” a jackpot of 42,949,672 million dollars. However, when she tried cashing in, the casino refused to give out her winning, claiming that the win was an error due to a malfunctioning machine.

The punter then expressed her disappointment, saying that she came from a low-income family and that the prize could have changed her family's life forever. The casino consoled the heartbroken woman by offering 2.25 dollars and steak for dinner. Through social media's influence, an attorney handled the case to claim the winner's right to be paid at least 6,500 dollars.

#2. Bellagio Dealer Scam

biggest controversies casino dealer scam

Bellagio Casino is known to be one of the biggest casinos in the heart of the casino industry, Las Vegas. In 2016, a poker dealer from this famous casino conspired with two of his friends to perform one of the biggest scams in casino history.

The friends were said to play on poker tables staffed by the dealer, only mumbling what sounded like high-value bets on specific combinations. The other dealers mindlessly payout as if the players' wagers were correct.

The group used this trick for over two years before casino personnel caught this scheme. The group paid a massive amount of restitution, while the dealer served four to ten years in prison.

#3. Coded Slot Machines by a Nevada Gaming Control Board Software Designer

biggest controversies casino coded slots

John Harris was a known software designer working for Nevada Gaming Control in the 1990s. While making an anti-cheating software, Harris rigged 30 slot machines to payout enormous jackpots for a specific sequence of coins inserted.

This trick used by Harris's accomplices to take thousands of coded wins was then caught when a friend tried to cheat a slot in Atlantic City. Harris served seven years in prison after pleading guilty of four counts of slot-cheating in 1996.

The casino industry is an entertaining but dangerous world. It would be best if you were critical of who and which one you should trust. You have to keep your eyes open in identifying who are not trustworthy from your chosen casinos to your fellow punters. These significant controversies in casino history are just reminders that casinos are not infallible, so involving oneself in the industry requires strict prudence.

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