Casino Vs. Gambler: 3 Famous Casino Court Battles

Like any other industry, the casino industry is also not safe from errors and issues. Hence the most famous casino court battles we now know. Casino Vs. Gambler, both in-land and online, have their fair share of imperfections, and perfect customer satisfaction is not a guarantee.

Over the years, many issues and controversies rocked the industry. Some problems only took closed-door conversations to settle. However, some others were too grave that gamblers had to resort to legal actions. Controversies are already a constant in the luxurious but dangerous world of casinos. However, it is still a thrill to know that some fearless gamblers took lengths to serve their rights over influential names. Read through our list of different court battles between casinos and players over the years.

#1. Katrina Bookman Vs. Resorts World Casino

casino court battles katrina

It was a regular night of September in 2016 when unsuspecting Katrina Bookman decided to spin some slots in Resorts World Casino, New York. After some spins, her slot machine flashed a 43.1 million dollar, which she supposedly won. Out of excitement, the New Yorker posted a few selfies with the screen indicating her winnings. Unfortunately, when she was already attempting to cash in her prize, its personnel revealed an error from a malfunctioning machine. Bookman expressed her disappointment to which the casino tried to console through offering a dinner steak.

Bookman took the issue to the courts with the help of an attorney named Alan Ripka. They claim that casinos cannot get away from paying multi-millions just by saying that the machine malfunctions. The court case is still ongoing.

#2. Casino: James Grosjean Vs. Imperial Palace and Griffin Investigations

casino court battles james

James Grosjean is the world's most prominent Blackjack player. He is an outstanding name in the Blackjack community because he won Blackjack Ball's “best player” many times and was the youngest player to enter the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

However, one of his most notable wins is his court win against the Imperial Palace casino and Griffin Investigations. Grosjean won a case against Imperial Palace, which illegally detained him and his partner before perpetually banning them from the it. This case granted him 599,000 dollars from the casino.

He also won a 25,000 dollar lawsuit against Griffin Investigations for disclosing improper information to the casino. The Blackjack community applauded this win as Griffin Investigations is known for ousting advantaged of its players. Griffin Investigations forcefully filed bankruptcy after the case.

#3. Ken Uston Vs. Resorts International

casino court battles ken

In 1979, Ken Uston, a famous Blackjack player, filed a lawsuit in the New Jersey Supreme Court against Resorts International Hotel. It banned Ken Uston after he started his card-counting group. Card counting is a famous casino strategy that allows players to count cards until they get a favorable count. A “spotter” signals an assigned player to start betting once they achieve a great card count.

After Resorts International caught this strategy, they immediately banned Uston from the casino. Uston took this to the courts to which he won the ruling.

No industry is free of errors. Of all the industries, the is one of the most prone to controversies and issues since it involves massive amounts of money and most influential millionaires around the world. Casinos are powerful institutions themselves. But as customers, you are still allowed to claim and fight for your rights whenever a it does you wrong. These court battles testify that casinos should always be held accountable for any mistakes they commit.

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