4 seasons

The 4 Seasons slot game is one of the newest additions to Betsoft's collection. Its 30 paylines and 5 animated characters give the slot its unique appearance. Besides, the game has thirty ways to win. The best part of this slot is the wild symbol. If you happen to land on this symbol, you will win ten thousand coins. The four seasons are the four contrasting colors of the four seasons in nature.

The game has an amazing backdrop and has some interesting features. Depending on the coin denomination, you can bet anywhere from $0.02 to $1 per spin. The four seasons are accompanied by free spins and golden lucky cats. Each season has one to five wilds. The bets on four or five lines are ten dollars each. All of the animals can be retriggered, but only the gold animal will be redeemed.

The graphics of 4 Seasons are very good. The theme of the game is the Chinese zodiac. Hence, the graphics are quite attractive. You can turn on the soundtrack and the imagery on each line. The game's soundtrack is soothing, which adds to the ambience. The theme of the game's characters is also quite fitting. All of the five seasons have different colors and symbols. Besides, each character has a unique shape. The symbols are easily distinguishable.

The symbols on the Seasonal Wheel mimic the passage of a month in the Chinese calendar. A golden symbol marks an animal as ‘golden'. Other animals appear as'silver.' If they appear on the opposite side of the golden symbol, they become'silver.' The stacked symbols in the game increase the chances of winning. The bonus wins in 4 Seasons slot machine are capped at fifteen thousand dollars.

The four seasons of the Chinese calendar are named in a huat. The corresponding huats are represented by saffron. The four seasons represent the flow of time. The animals on the zodiac wheel are a combination of silver and gold. All of these are in the same order, and the players can also win more than one million dollars with a single bet.

The four seasons in the Chinese calendar are a symbol of life. All of them have different colors. The symbols in four seasons are represented by two-sided or triangular. The fourth season is the highest. The seasonal wheel is a special symbol in the game. The symbols in four seasons are the symbols in the game. The symbols are arranged in a hexagonal shape and the second season is a seasonal circle. The four seasons in the Chinese calendar are represented by two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions.

The four seasons are also named after the different elements of the Chinese calendar. The fourth season is the winter season. The snow is the fall season. The two seasons are the spring and summer. The four seasons are the winter and the spring. The autumn and the summer months are the autumn seasons. In the past, the Chinese emperor was the emperor. These symbols represent the animals' fertility. All the symbols are represented in the Chinese zodiac.

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