Most Clever Gambling Scams in Casino History

Intellect is always an advantage for gambling success, but unfortunately, it is also what corrupt minds use to perform shockingly bright casino scams. As opposed to the idea that casino games are purely reliant on luck, casino games success attributes highly on the player's smarts. Many casino games require ability in mathematics through probability computation, critical thinking, and careful tactic-strategizing. It requires vital thought processes, which is why successful gamblers develop sharp mental aptitudes.

However, many mentally advanced players take advantage of their intellect to succeed in the casino industry illegally. The industry's history has seen impressive casino scams that are almost perfectly-crafted and executed. Some scams took years before being busted, but most culprits had already served the price. Let us look into some of the most ingenious scams ever recorded in casino history.

#1. Special Contact Lenses and Invisible Ink

casino scams Special Contact Lenses and Invisible Ink

This trick performed by four con artists at the poker tables of Les Princes Casinos, France was almost like a scene from your favorite movies. One member of the group, a dealer in these poker tables, used invisible ink to mark all aces with a line and all kings with a cross.

The other three play high stakes as they have winning hands through spotting the marks. The authorities of the casino suspected the group when they returned for another round of poker. Casino authorities busted the group by founding out about the marked cards and ruling out cameras and infrared glasses to notice the contact lenses.

#2. French Cigarette Pack Radio Transmitters

casino scams French Cigarette Pack Radio Transmitters

If you think the special contact lenses are already bright, you will find this next scam even more amusing. In 1973, a Roulette dealer at Casino Deauville in France executed one of the most intelligent casino scams with his sister and brother-in-law. He devised a weightless radio transmitter put in a cigarette pack.

This transmitter can control the Roulette ball to land on a specific part of the wheel by clicking a button on the cigarette pack. This cheat has an impressive 90 percent accuracy, which allowed them to “win” thousands on that specific Roulette table.

The scam only stopped because the casino owner got fascinated with the dealer's sister, who was in charge of the button. The owner asked a team to investigate why the sister never wins on the same table. The group caught the trio red-handed when they found the transmitter and the receiver used. This scam was so bright a french film entitled Tricheurs (The Cheaters) was made based on it.

#3. The Roselli Brothers

casino scams The Roselli Brothers

This group named themselves “the Roselli Brothers” scammed a total of 37 million dollars from different casinos in Puerto Rico, Nevada, and New Jersey. They were able to earn this amount through unbelievable identity theft. The group hired a computer hacker to identify people with the most prominent casino credits where they get amounts to fill their own created accounts. They continued this scam for five years, gaining no suspicions from the real account owners through an apt scamming timing.

In the New Year of 2000, the group ended the scheme through one last high-betting plot before they cash out all their scammed amounts and disappear forever. It took the FBI six months before finding out about this scam, but it was already too late as they found out that the real Roselli brothers already died years ago. The identity of the group is still unidentified until now.

Intellect is genuinely a two-edged sword that can be useful for your advantage, whether it be good or bad. The casino industry is not safe for the use of this weapon for fraudulent and swindling acts. When gambling, it still pays to be extra careful and keen on observing illicit actions directed to you.

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